Do you literally hunger for adventure?

Here’s the perfect hunt for explorers with a sweet tooth! While finding answers to tricky questions, you’ll be visiting a variety of chocolate shops, bakeries, and specialty shops throughout SoHo. Treats spotted along the way will include tropical fruit caramels, bacon candy bars, lavender macaroons, spiced hot chocolate, yummy cupcakes, and rice pudding in more than 31 flavors.

Enjoy a slice of adventure with your snacks

You’ll also discover cool places and sights, such as…

  • Rice to Riches, with a profusion of exotic varieties of rice pudding, and as seen on the HBO series Girls
  • A cafe said to be haunted by an 18th-century woman whose body was found there, which led to a murder trial in which both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr defended the accused man
  • The magnificent Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, scene of anti-Catholic riots
  • A giant trompe l’oeil mural, imitating the side of a cast-iron building
  • An artist’s actual landscape meant to re-create what Manhattan was like before humans arrived

Each team will need to bring a smartphone for the photo challenges. The price does not include food purchases, because we want you to have a wide range of options to suit your taste, your budget, and your diet. We’ll point you toward our favorites, but the ultimate choice is between you and your tummy.  (You’ll probably spend less than $10 per person, at least if you share with your teammates and pace yourself.)

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