Grand Central as you’ve never seen it!

Discover hidden history, cool places, little-known passageways, and surprising sights in the amazing landmark terminal. You’ll search for mysterious markings in the constellation ceiling, times for “ghost” trains in the former arrivals room, the gourmet extravaganza of the Grand Central Market, the architectural wonder of the Whispering Gallery, the delightful exhibits in the Transit Museum Annex, the dazzling art deco lobby of the Chrysler Building, surprising murals and carvings in the Graybar Passage, the snack heaven that is the Dining Concourse, hidden art, and more. If you think you’ve seen Grand Central, it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing.

Worried about the weather? The hunt is almost entirely indoors, and Grand Central is climate-controlled—cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

Participants use their own smartphones to play. The event takes about two and a half hours, with two hours of that as actual hunting time.

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