The Bride ’n’ Go Seek Scavenger Hunt:
A great way to get acquainted (and get a little crazy)

Recommended by Modern Bride

Bachelorettes, brides-to-be, bridesmaids, and friends will go in search of objects and take team photos in a neighborhood of your choice, with each challenge somehow relating to all things bridal. It’s a classic scavenger hunt with Watson Adventures’ distinctive, humorous twist—and it's a fun way for your friends to get to know each other better.

Tailored to your taste

Our Hunt Host will meet you at the start to set up the game and set the mood, and again at the end to score the results and announce the winners at a bar or other convenient party spot. You can add on our customized Know Your Bride Quiz, featuring unusual and humorous questions about the bride and her fellow celebrants. Please note that the hunt does not include or encourage alcohol, and the hunt does not take you into bars. But if you like, the hunt can finish at a bar, where the Hunt Host will announce the results and raise a toast to the winners.

The Bride ’n’ Go Seek Scavenger Hunt starts at $700 for up to 20 people and $30 for each additional person.

Rave reviews!

“My sister’s Bride ’n’ Go Seek bachelorette hunt was last Saturday, and I just want to say thank you for making it the funnest bachelorette most of us have ever experienced. Lizzie was a great ‘hostess.’ The clues were very creative and got all of our creative juices flowing. We are still emailing and laughing about it. I have recommended for other friends planning bachelorettes. I can’t wait for my next Watson Adventure!”

Modern Bride listed the Bride ’n’ Go Seek Hunt among their recommended “Enticing activities for your out-of-towners.”

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Treat your out-of-town guests to a hunt

In the spirit of the great adventure that is marriage, why not give the gift of adventure—send your friends on a scavenger hunt! Brides and grooms who wanted to do something out of the ordinary to welcome out-of-towners have hosted our acclaimed private hunts.

Treat your guests to a whirlwind tour of a museum, neighborhood, or other location so they get to explore the area while getting to know each other better. 

Propose with a scavenger hunt!

A surprise wedding proposal on a scavenger huntCreate a memorable way to pop the question: take your loved one on one of our acclaimed scavenger hunts, and we can include the Big Question in one of the challenges—such as in the puzzle box with a surprise message, seen at left.

How’s this for drama: One resourceful gentleman knew that his girlfriend’s favorite place in the world was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So he called on Watson Adventures to stage our acclaimed Met Madness Hunt at the museum one evening for the couple and their friends and family. At the finish line, to everyone’s astonishment, the gentleman got down on one knee and said, “For me, the hunt was over when I found you...” He produced a diamond, and the screams of delight alarmed and then amused more than a few guards.

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