Customize the Game for Your Group

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or introduce a cool place to an eager group, or stage a fundraiser, or host any other fun a or entertain a group—or go for anything in between—we have a variety of options to customize the hunt. Photos challenges, slide shows, custom questions, special challenge stops, smartphone hunts, teamwork debriefs and workshops—you name it, we’ll do it.

Team photo challenges

You can spur creativity and team bonding by adding our surprising Team Photo Challenges to any outdoor hunt. Using your own smartphones, your team will be challenged to meet the requirements of various photo ops. Everyone has to get into the picture (except the person holding the camera, of course). See our blog for some of our favorite team photos.

We’ve been creating great Team Photo Challenges for more than 15 years, and writing good ones is harder than you think. We work hard to come up with challenges that prompt your team to get creative while also producing memorable photos. The team with the most creative photos gets bonus points—which ensures, along with our challenging questions, that everyone goes back home with memorable photos of their experience. In many locations, we can also stage a post-hunt slide show.

Custom questions and hunts

We can add a few custom questions or create an entire custom hunt. You could add questions about a guest of honor, include trivia about a special occasion you’re celebrating, or highlight a cause you want to promote. Or you could have us create an entirely new hunt in a new location, if your budget permits. Contact us to learn more about the options available.

Go interactive with our app

Control the game in the palm of your hand: now you can do one of our classic hunts via smartphone or tablet with our game that works in any browser. It’s like an app, but without the annoying step of having to download it from an app store. You’ll get real-time feedback about your answers, hints when your first answer is wrong, a variety of entertaining sounds that let the team know how you’re doing, and a countdown clock, just to turn the pressure—and the fun—up a notch. The game is compatible with any smartphone or tablet—iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, KindleFire, Windows, you name it.  Available for select hunts and locations. Please note that we do not offer games to do on your own. Private hunts start at $700 for up to 18 people. 

Know Your Teammates quiz

Any hunt can add this special “bonus quiz” in which hunters have to identify their fellow hunters based on clues that they provide us before the hunt. The clues often reveal surprising experiences and hidden talents that your fellow hunters might be proud to tell you about—but just never had the chance to reveal. The clues can involve exotic travels, favorite movies, hidden hobbies, moments of glory, first jobs, and secret wishes. Perhaps the best part of this experience is the remarkable conversations that the quiz sparks between people after the hunt—and for days to come.

Find out what we can create for you!

To learn more and get in the game, call us at 877-9-GO HUNT (877-946-4868), extension 11 for private hunts, or use the contact form below.