Sure, it may take a bit longer to get there, but we’ll make it well worth the trip. You’ll experience an art museum in a way you’ve never experienced before, as you search for answers to creative, humorous questions about the more surprising and unusual works on display. But no knowledge of the museum or its contents is necessary.

You’ll tackle such questions as...

• Who painted someone who was dying to be a cover model, but didn’t make it? Answer: Maxfield Parrish’s painting of a dwarf at Snow White’s bier was supposed to be a Good Housekeeping cover.

• Although his first name isn’t O-S-C-A-R, what should you gaze at after cold cuts, according to a naked guy? Answer: The stars—the statue Astronomy is “after a model by…Bologna.”

• Why do pooped Rockettes-wannabes remind you of RayBans? Answer: Rodin’s statue of drooping figures, lined up as in a kick line, are called Shades.

Keep in mind, we’ve left out some of the clues that guide you to the answer—the questions are easier when you are standing in the right place and you have a team of several brains all pondering the problem. You’ll definitely need, and discover, the power of teamwork on the hunt. We offer 90-minute and two-hour versions of this hunt. Contact us to learn more and get in the game!