Brace yourself for the eerie side of art

...on an ominous adventure at the de Young Museum. Steel your nerves as you go in search of such items as human skulls put to unnerving purposes, a cathedral made of ammo, rabid and randy dogs, a lethal ballgame, shamans with superpowers, creepy masks, tableware with a "kill hole," a party for cannibals, and a "Lullaby League" that could dunk you in a "blood tub." When you ascend the museum's might feel as if you're being sent to "The Tower." After this whirlwind tour you'll never look at the de Young Museum in quite the same way.

Also available: the more lighthearted De Young & de Restless Scavenger Hunt, and the Murder at the de Young Scavenger Hunt.

The game lasts about two hours. Select Private Hunts or Public Hunts below to get in the game—and find more fun in San Francisco!