Discover the oddest animals and strangest facts

…at the Lincoln Park Zoo. You’ll cross climates on an African safari, learn how your neck is like a twiga’s, get hissed at by cockroaches, endure howling gibbons, go nose to snout with black bears, ponder puffins, and learn whether or not you should punch someone who calls you a bufflehead.

On this safari, you’ll bag the answers to such questions as…

• In the Reptile and Small Mammal House, find a noisy snake that makes for a bad baby toy. When you get a “hot shot” here, what’s the second thing you should do? Answer: If you’re bitten by a rattlesnake and get a “hot shot,” sound the alarm and sit quietly.

• In the Bird House, go to the “deep forest.” When a female longbill is nesting, it seems as if she’ll have nothing to do with her husband. What one thing allows him to feed her?  Answer: The female uses mud to seal herself  up in a tree, and her only communication with her mate is through a small hole.

You don’t need to know anything about the zoo or its residents to win. Your team needs only sharp eyes and comfy shoes, and at least one smartphone per team to tackle our fun and wild Team Photo Challenges. Click on the button below to see the hunt schedule and get in the game!