If you can talk to the animals…

you’ll be cheating, on this surprising safari. See the best of the Bronx Zoo as you discover creatures you never suspected were there—or anywhere! Kids and adults work together to find out why it’s hard to grab a degu, why your neck is like a giraffe’s, what the Good Humor man might deliver to a tiger, and how to look right through a grizzly bear. Starring baboons, bats, rats, reptiles, and many more critters.

Bring a digital camera for our crazy Team Photo Challenges (and see if you can get a monkey to smile at you).

Kids must be accompanied by an adult, and vice versa. For ages 7 and up. (We let you get your own admission on this hunt so you can choose the entrance that works best for you and, if you like, arrive early and have lunch at the zoo. But don’t arrive too early and tire yourself out walking around!)

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