Poets and punks, pols and proles, actors and artists…

The East Village has been home to every kind of New Yorker, and they’ve all left their imprint. You’ll discover the homes and haunts of Charlie Parker, Washington Irving, Andy Warhol, the Velvet Underground, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Abraham Lincoln, Lenny Bruce, Peter Stuyvesant, Carrie Bradshaw, Iggy Pop, W.H. Auden, Joey Ramone, Madonna, and even Leon Trotsky and Dom DeLuise.

Along the way, you’ll learn the answers to such questions as: What revolutionary ingredient did Peter Cooper’s wife add to his dessert? And what “cubist” wants you to remember the Alamo on Astor Place?

Highlights include TV and movie locations, St. Mark’s Church, Tompkins Square Park, Indian restaurant row, hurly-burly St. Mark’s Place, the last remnant of the Fillmore East, the remains of the city’s most aristocratic neighborhoods, the scene of a notorious riot over Macbeth, and a mini Ukraine. Click on the button below to see the schedule for this hunt and get in the game!