Looking for a fun hunt and a great day trip?

The historic town of Princeton—where George Washington defeated the British—and the stunning campus of Princeton University combine to provide a hunt landscape that is filled with history, art, dramatic buildings, goofy gargoyles, famous Americans, and amazing views.

Guest stars include Russell Crowe (from locations for A Beautiful Mind), F. Scott Fitzgerald, John F. Kennedy, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Henry Moore, Aaron Burr, Woodrow Wilson, Albert Einstein, William Hurt (from locations for One True Thing), David Duchovny of The X-Files, Meg Ryan (in the movie I.Q.), and an enemy bulldog.

After the hunt there lots of great shops and restaurants to explore along Nassau Street, Princeton’s main drag. Join us and find out why this is one of our staff’s favorite hunt locations. Click on the button below to see the hunt schedule and get in the game!