Can you deduce whodunnit?

Someone—or something—has been bumping off museum staffers involved in acquiring a sacred Egyptian relic. Is it the dreaded Curse of Ahtchu? Or is a serial killer on the loose? Your team of sleuths will have to crack a hieroglyphic code and uncover the museum’s secrets to stop the killings. While solving the crime, you’ll get an amazing whirlwind tour of the Museum of Natural History. From the giant blue whale on the lower level to the T. Rex on the top floor, anything could be a clue, and everything is a suspect.

Warning: This is one of our more challenging hunts. We strongly recommend hunting with a team of three or more. If you sign up with fewer than three people, we suggest pairing up with others at the start of the hunt to form a larger team. If you plan on checking coats or bags, arrive at least 15 minutes early—the coat check lines are staggeringly slow.

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All tickets include admission to the museum. Unfortunately, the museum does not extend member benefits to events not affiliated with the museum. Think of the admission as a donation to a cause you already support!

Early Bird pricing applies to purchases made by noon on the Wednesday before the hunt.