This much fun must defy the laws of physics.

You’d never suspect that the Museum of Science & Industry contained so many crazy, amazing, and amusing sights and facts, revealed on this madcap tour. If you like surprising variety, this hunt is for you. You’ll be challenged to…

  • Explore an actual Nazi submarine for an “inflatable woman.”
  • Scan the globe at night.
  • Inspect vintage race cars.
  • Find the missing piece in the world’s largest “flipper machine.”
  • Uncover a mad scientist’s “worm lozenge.”
  • Learn the secret behind live frogs’ glow-in-the-dark eyes.
  • Play Gulliver beside the Loop’s mini canyons in an enormous train set.
  • Ponder a pay raise for circus employee Jolly Marge.
  • Check out some hot chicks—in a hatchery, of course.

And that’s just a sampling from this smorgasbord. Click the button below to see the schedule and get in the game!