Follow the gangs and gangsters of New York

..and visit their bygone dens and battlegrounds in Little Italy and Chinatown. You’ll explore the streets where gangs ruled, Tongs waged war, and wiseguys got rubbed out. You’ll see locations featured in such movies as The Godfather and visit the notorious Five Points spot that inspired the book and movie Gangs of New York. You might even find Jimmy Hoffa.

You’ll also discover cafes, bakeries, teahouses, colorful stores, exotic sidewalk markets, historic buildings, and the street where Irving Berlin sang, Christopher Walken’s goons had a gunfight, and the Sex and the City gals strolled. You’ll also find out why this hunt has been recommended by such publications as The New York Times and Time Out New York.

The game lasts about two and a half hours from start to finish. Click on the button below to see the hunt schedule and get in the game!