See where the Founders battled the Brits

—and each other. Highlights include Alexander Hamilton’s grave, Federal Hall (where Washington was inaugurated), the street where Jefferson lived (and brokered the deal to move the nation’s capital to Washington, D.C.), Fraunces Tavern (where Washington bid farewell to his officers and where Hamilton worked as secretary of the treasury), a place where Washington slept, Bowling Green (with a fence bearing the scars of patriotic fervor), a former hanging ground, a bank founded by Aaron Burr, Battery Park, singe marks from the great fire of 1776, and lots more. It’s a great, fast-paced tour of the Wall Street area.

No previous knowledge is required whatsoever. Note: If you’ve participated in the Secrets of Wall Street Scavenger Hunt or the Lost New York Scavenger Hunt, you may recognize some of the questions.

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