Start your engines!

Get your team in gear for a wild ride through the sleek, chic Petersen Automotive Museum. Even if you have little or no interest in cars, you’ll enjoy this adventure that reveals the funniest, craziest, most jaw-dropping secrets of cars, from the first steam-powered giants to the latest hydrogen-powered wonders. No knowledge of cars whatsoever is required to win: all you need is sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Highlights might include…

  • The suitably dorky Aztec driven by Bryan Cranston early on in Breaking Bad
  • The Pantera that Elvis Presley shot when it wouldn’t start—check out the bullet holes!
  • The Batmobile from the recent movies and the Batcycle from the 1960s TV series
  • A Jaguar outfitted with missiles for a Bond villain
  • The actual VW van featured in Little Miss Sunshine
  • Races and chases from the Keystone Kops to Dick Tracy
  • The MotoCam camera bike used in Terminator 2
  • A roadside igloo that served as an ice cream parlor
  • L.A.’s first severe smog alert in 1943, which some residents mistook for a Japanese chemical attack
  • The three-wheel car that turned out to be a scam 
  •  The ten-step instructions for starting a Model T (“Note: middle pedal operates reverse gear and right pedal operates brake.”)

You and your team will follow a trail of clues that leads you to objects on display, and you must answer a tricky, humorous question about what you find. You’ll also have Team Photo Challenges, to stretch your creativity as you interact with the exhibits and even get behind the wheel (where permitted, of course).

The game lasts about two hours. Click below to see the hunt schedule and get in the game! 

Photo courtesy of David Zaitz