Can you deduce whodunnit?

A Watson Adventures staffer has been murdered, and we need your help to catch his killer. Before he died, he drew a star on the ground with his own blood. What does this mean? It turns out that the victim lived a dangerous double life. Can you piece together the puzzle he left behind in time to head off an international incident with catastrophic consequences? While solving the crime, you’ll get an amazing whirlwind tour of the National Museum of Natural History, adventuring through China, Africa, South America, the Ice Age, a mine, ancient oceans, and beyond.

Whodunnit? Was it the lion? The vampire? The mummies? A flossing bison, perhaps? Or just a homicidal Homo sapiens? Anything could be a clue, and everything is a suspect.

Warning: This is one of our more challenging hunts. We strongly recommend hunting with a team of three or more. If you sign up with fewer than three people, we suggest pairing up with others at the start of the hunt to form a larger team.

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