A curator has been murdered!

And he left behind a cryptic trail of clues connected with secrets in works of art. As your team gathers answers about the artwork, you begin to piece together a sordid tale about greed, lust, pride, revenge, and treachery—all revolving around the museum’s planned multi-million-dollar purchase of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The murder victim knew too much—and now it’s up to you to learn what he knew and discover what drove one of four suspects to commit murder. To find out, you’ll have to crack a secret code left in the victim’s appointment calendar. Can you figure out whodunnit?

Along the way, you’ll get a whirlwind tour of the best of the museum, from ancient Egypt to modern America. Be warned: This is our most challenging hunt. We strongly recommend hunting with a team of three or more. The entire event, from sign-in to the announcement of the winners, takes about two and a half hours.

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