The Met Museum is FILLED with dragons!

And we need your help tracking them down and rounding them up. Kids and adults will go dragon hunting together in search of Speckled Forktails, Black Grangles, Large-Mouthed Undertoads, Sinuous Silvery Snarches, Long-Tailed Knight Terrors, Bearded Sticklebacks, Seven-Headed Reapers, and dreaded Hissing Halitosins. They are hiding in paintings, in statues, in armor, in jewelry, even in musical instruments—seemingly everywhere you look!

Fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movie will be surprised at the variety of the winged wonders in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. No knowledge of the movies, or of the museum art, is required to answer our tricky, humorous questions about the fiery friends you’ll find.

The hunt itself lasts 90 minutes, or about two hours start to finish. Recommended for ages 10 and up. Kids must be accompanied by an adult. Click on the button below to see the hunt schedule, to buy tickets and to find more fun!

All tickets include admission to the museum. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount to Met members because the museum explicitly tells us that participation in group events not sponsored by the museum, such as our hunts, are not a benefit of membership. The Met charges us for your participation, so museum admission must be included in every ticket we sell. Just think of it as a donation to a cause you like to support!