Your eyes will goggle and your brain will boggle…

The former du Pont estate that became the sprawling, spectacular Longwood Gardens provides a surprising backdrop for an amazing adventure in the Brandywine Valley. On our scavenger hunt you’ll discover the secrets and hidden humor in a wide variety of settings: you’ll feel like you’re traveling around the world in the many rooms and environments in the huge conservatory, you’ll see how the du Ponts lived in their frozen-in-time home, you’ll climb into “tree houses,” you’ll marvel at amazing cascades and fountains, you’ll search for tucked-away gardens, and of course you’ll see more flowers than you’ve probably ever seen in your life.

But don’t worry if you’re not a gardener and you think botany is just a clothing line: No previous knowledge is required to master our humorous, tricky questions. All you need are sharp eyes and comfy shoes. And we think you’ll be eager to return on your own.

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