Uncover the secrets of America’s most amazing train station!

Kids and adults work together to uncover the secrets of this amazing train station. To win, you’ll have to go nuts in the Whispering Gallery, spot surprises in the stars in the “sky,” find TV celebs in the fabulous food court, stand on fish under an upside-down tree in the Grand Central Market, learn the arrival time of a “ghost” train in the “Kissing Room,” see where a missile pierced the ceiling, count creepy critters trying to invade a “ship,” and find funny details in the latest exhibit inside the Transit Museum Gallery, to name just a few hunt highlights.

Who likes this hunt? New York Magazine, The New York Times, Time Out New York Kids, New York Family Magazine, GoCityKids.com, and MommyPoppins.com, to name a few.

For ages 7 and up. Kids must be accompanied by an adult, and vice versa. Teams with only kids will not be permitted to participate. Each team must include at least one kid and one adult, with a maximum of six per team. Advance purchase required. Click the button below to see the hunt schedule—and find more fun!