Discover what you’ve been missing in Culver City…

The town has been the center of movie and television production since the 1920s, and a lot of that history is hidden in plain sight. Your team will follow a trail of tricky clues and answer humorous questions about the surprising places and things you discover. Highlights include…

  • A quirky work of art that marks the site of a former movie studio commissary
  • Zoetropes around town that you must give a spin to see a “movie”
  • The hotel where many a Munchkin bedded down for the night
  • A spiral trail reminiscent of Oz’s yellow-brick road
  • A coffee cup on a weather vane that is a hot sip of Hollywood history
  • An old-time camera that points to a clue
  • A location that might help you go back to Tara (of Gone with the Wind fame)
  • Lucy and Ricky Riccardo with a clue about a midnight celebration

Plus there will be a series of team photo challenges, so be sure to have at least one smartphone on your team with a good charge. Click on the button below to see the schedule—and find more fun!