Scavenger hunter with telescopeTeachers Turn to Watson Adventures to Help Kids Explore Museums and Historic Locations for Educational Fun

Since 1999, thousands of school children have explored some of America’s best museums and history-packed neighborhoods on Watson Adventures Field Trip Scavenger Hunts. Our hunts are designed to accomplish several objectives:

• Get adults and kids working together on a shared adventure, whether it is with teachers or chaperones.

• Pose questions that spur teamwork and discovery without requiring previous knowledge—but providing many opportunities for learning along the way.

• Introduce young minds to the breadth of a museum or historic location so that each hunter gets the chance to discover what most intrigues him or her.

Stimulate curiosity so that students are eager to learn more and explore further in the classroom and on their own.

Dozens of schools have turned to us for fun, educational hunts. The hunts are appropriate for age seven and up, with special versions for teens. We can handle groups large and small—more than once, for example, we have had hundreds of students hunting simultaneously at such locations as the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, the historic streets of Philadelphia and the Freedom Trail in Boston.

How Our Scavenger Hunts Can Fit Your Curriculum

How can teachers make the best use of Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt? Our hunts offer the opportunity to…

• Develop critical thinking and sequencing skills. Students must follow directions, pay attention to the wording of clues and work togethtester to navigate the hunt route. There’s no passive learning on one of our hunts—the students are actively doing and thinking the entire time.

• Stimulate students with cooperative learning in the form of team-building activities. You can create teams ahead of time and even pre-assign roles to team members. For example, one student can be the navigator, another can be the recorder for the team’s answers, another can be the organizer who keeps the team on track, others can be readers who make sure that the team is paying attention to the details of each clue.

• Integrate curriculum with real-life experiences. Students are often told to make text to world connections: by seeing the actual historical artifacts in a museum—such as dinosaur bones, suits of armor, portraits of famous people—or visiting places where history actually happened, students get a richer understanding of the material in their textbooks.

These suggestions just scratch the surface of what an adept educator can do on a field trip with Watson Adventures. After ten years of providing hunts for students, we’re still learning new ways students can benefit from our hunts!

Rave Reviews from Delighted Educators

“We had a blast. Everyone has had so many positive things to say about the hunt. You guys really did a great job!  I have already recommended your company to several people and I plan on doing something like it again. Thanks for all of your help!” —Georgetown Middle High School, Massachusetts

“The kids had a great time—they were all very excited about being in NYC too. We will do this again next year for 9th grade.” —The Pingry School, New Jersey

“The kids and the parents LOVED the hunt this year! It was very well organized and appropriately challenging. So many of our field trips are passive, in terms of the students following and listening to docents and guides. The hunt provided us an activity that was interactive and challenging, and the students were able to learn about the city, its history, its architecture, and its residents. Watson Adventures has been professional and accommodating. The ease of scheduling, the quality of the hunts, and the positive feedback from students support my recommendation.” —Emily Sigman,Poolesville High School Magnet, Pennsylvania

Find Out What Watson Adventures Can Do for You!

Start exploring our hunts for kids: Visit the Private Group Hunts section, pick a location, then choose “Kids & Familes” from the Themes dropdown menu. Or contact us: Just fill out the form below, or call us at 877-946-4868, extension 11, to learn more and get in the game!

Please note you must provide at least one adult chaperone per each team. We do not charge a hunt fee for adult chaperones (one per team of 4-6 kids), however, museums do require admission for adults if you choose a museum location.