See the best of the Met on a whirlwind tour.

The hunt covers almost the entire museum, traveling from Egypt to Rome, from India to China, from Colonial America to regal Paris. But no knowledge of art is required—in fact, it’s probably a hindrance! You’ll go to the dogs in a panoramic view of the Gardens of Versailles, discover why Cupid could use some Pampers, decipher graffiti on an ancient Egyptian temple, watch a mummy unwind, find out what’s on the back of Van Gogh’s mind, learn why Freud’s subject has Venus envy, and much more.

You’ll search for answers to such questions as...

• What wise guy can’t get his wife off his back? Answer: Aristotle, who appears on all fours with his wife on his back, as an elegant aquamanile (water container).

• Whose rude gesture will make you exclaim, “I never sausage behavior!”? Answer: Hans Wurst, a character in Frans Hals’ ‘Merrymakers at Shrovetide,’ who has a sausage pinned to his hat.

Keep in mind that we’ve left out some of the clues that help you find these answers. Again, no previous knowledge of art or the museum is required—you just need a sharp mind and comfortable shoes.

Various versions to suit your style

The Met Madness Hunt is available in 90-minute and two-hour editions. Participants use their own smartphones to play.

An International Edition is available, for people whose first language is not English.

Fans of murder mysteries will enjoy the two-hour Murder at the Met Hunt and the 90-minute Whodunnit at the Met Hunt.

Groups that want teams to interact more can try the two-hour Mixed Alliances Edition, in which each team must meet and collaborate with three other teams as the game unfolds.

The Mad Madness scavenger hunt is the perfect game to bring together people in a fun, funny game, great for birthday parties, family gatherings, social group outings—you name it. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun!

Prices for hunts at the Met require a surcharge for museum admission. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount to Met members because the museum explicitly tells us that participation in group events not sponsored by the museum, such as our hunts, are not a benefit of membership.