Hunt for dinosaurs, a camping vampire, a flossing bison...

stuffed tigers, live insects, the Hope Diamond and other jewels, mummies, and a charred bone from a real murder mystery, all in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. On a whirlwind tour, you’ll travel to China, Africa, South America, the Ice Age, a mine, ancient oceans, and beyond.

You’ll search for answers to such questions as...

• Find something that will help you fly first class to heaven. What, apparently, was a bird’s favorite liquor? Answer: Beside a jet-shaped coffin is a photo of a bird coffin, with people pouring schnapps on it.

• What hopeful woman apparently thought, when storing her jewels, “Sofa, so good!”? Evalyn Walsh McLean, who hid the Hope Diamond in her sofa.

Please note that we left out clues and directions in the questions above. The questions are designed so that you can find the answer only when you are in the right spot and looking at the right thing. (Sorry, Googlers!) You don’t need any previous knowledge to triumph—you just need good teamwork and comfortable shoes!

You can also add Team Photo Challenges for additional fun—and souvenirs of the hunt. A portion of the hunt fee will be donated to the Smithsonian, in appreciation of your support for the museums. Contact us to learn more and get in the game!