Scavenger Hunts at Lambert Castle, Paterson | New Jersey

Scavenger Hunts at Lambert Castle, Paterson

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The Escape Lambert Castle Game

A maniac has run amok in the mansion…

… and it’s up to you to stop him—and get out alive! On teams, you’ll tackle a series of brain-bending puzzles and noodle-melting riddles, all in the hopes of discovering the antidote to the poison that’s slowly killing you. (Oh, did we forget to mention that you’ve been poisoned at the start of this hunt? Sorry!)

Along the way, you’ll discover the secrets of the enigmatic Lambert Castle, boasting unusual architecture and a millionaire’s diverse collection of art and curious artifacts. You’ll need to find objects on display, solve tricky puzzles involving them, and ultimately crack a code to escape with your life and defeat the diabolical genius who is toying with your fate. Is your team up to the task?

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The Wizard School Scavenger Hunt at Lambert Castle

You might think you’re at Hogwarts

…when you explore this “castle” in the mountains outside Paterson, New Jersey. Kids and adults work together on teams to answer questions that reveal rooms and objects that might remind you of the Harry Potter books and movies. (Don’t worry: there’s a cheat sheet for muggles.) You’ll explore a dining room that might remind you of Dumbledore’s office, spooky spoons that have something in common with the Basilisk, a woman opening a dangerous box, a Greek god who’d probably enjoy butterbeer, the tale of the vanished Million Dollar Dump, creatures you might encounter in the Forbidden Forest, soldiers brave enough to be in Dumbledore’s Army, a president’s death mask, and a giant bear.

Please note that the starting price for this hunt is $850.

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The Secrets of the Lambert Castle Scavenger Hunt

Get a clue, conquer the castle

Can you think of a better place than an actual castle to uncover secrets and solve a mystery? We can’t…which is why we’re offering our acclaimed scavenger hunts at this gorgeous Passaic County gem. You’ll feel like the star of your very own Gothic game as you join forces with friends or colleagues to follow a trail of clues through Lambert Castle and track down answers to clever, entertaining questions.

On your quest, you might discover…

  • A stunning three-story central hall decorated with dramatic paintings and sculptures
  • Period rooms that show you how the upper crust lived in the 19th century
  • Bacchus emerging from a mantel like a Dickens character
  • A room of eccentric artifacts from bygone businesses
  • A stuffed bear rearing up to give you a fright
  • Haunting mementos from World War I  
  • One of the world’s largest collections of commemorative spoons (no, seriously, you have to see it)

And those are just a few of the highlights on this team-building tour that will reveal the best of the museum. No knowledge of the castle or history is needed for you to play—or to win. You just need to keep your eyes open and collaborate with your group.

A Kids Edition, suitable for ages 7 and up, gets youngsters and adults to work together to explore this unusual museum that’s a bit like Hogwarts.

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The Murder at the Lambert Castle Scavenger Hunt

The perfect setting for murder

If you like your castles with extra intrigue, you’ll love this murder-mystery edition of our classic Lambert hunt. Here’s the setup: the Watson Adventures staffer who was supposed to host your hunt has been murdered, and it’s up to you to catch his killer. How? By piecing together the clues he left behind—including a star he scrawled on the ground in his own blood—and figuring out what got him killed. If you succeed, you’ll unmask the killer and prevent an international incident that could change the world as we know it.

To solve the mystery, your team will answer tricky, humorous questions about the most fascinating aspects of this museum in a mansion, filled with local history and unusual art. Many a surprising detail turns out to be part of a secret code. Can you crack it before time runs out?

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