The Secrets of Wall Street Scavenger Hunt

The Secrets of Wall Street Scavenger Hunt

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The Secrets of Wall Street Scavenger Hunt

Lost New York—found on this hunt!

You’ll discover the hidden traces and places of the Wall Street area—including the narrow, winding streets laid out by the Dutch, vanished and transformed forts, places where the Founding Fathers walked and fought, burn marks left by the enormous fire of 1776, and a fence that bears the scars of a Revolutionary riot. You’ll enjoy amazing changes in scenery, from the eye-popping interiors of the canyons of finance to Battery Park’s sweeping views of New York Harbor. You’ll even encounter Hollywood in spots used as locations for such movies as Ghostbusters, Men in Black, Working Girl, National Treasure, and The Day After Tomorrow.

You might search for answers to questions about…

  • The War of 1812–era fort that gave Battery Park its name
  • Fraunces Tavern, where George Washington bid his troops farewell
  • Strange figures outside the Stock Exchange
  • The Custom House, a stunning landmark seen in numerous movies and TV shows, which is now home to the National Museum of the American Indian
  • Federal Hall, an 1835 Greek temple to commerce, fitted with bank vaults and built on the site where Washington became president—and Whoopi Goldberg talked with nuns in Ghost
  • Trinity Church and its age-old cemetery, including the grave of Alexander Hamilton
  • Scars gouged in marble by a 1920 anarchist bombing of J.P. Morgan’s offices and Federal Hall
  • A giant bull that might join you in a picture
  • And many sites you’ve never heard of but won’t forget

This team-building activity is not a test of knowledge but of teamwork: you don’t need to know anything about Wall Street to win. Find out why this is one of our staff’s favorite hunts!

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