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The Dancing Nudes Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

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The Dancing Nudes Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

A Sherlock Holmes mystery—for you to solve

In this scavenger hunt based on a tale by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wealthy businessman Hilton Cubitt has been murdered, and police suspect his wife, Elsie, who has also been shot. What the authorities don’t know is that Elsie may have been set up. A week earlier, she had received e-mails containing images of dancing stick figures. Though she’d insisted they were meaningless, she seemed distressed, so Hilton approached the code-breaking experts at Watson Adventures for help.

The crime scene included a crumpled copy of a scavenger hunt involving nudes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Elsie works on ancient manuscripts as a cryptographer. We believe that the hunt and the cryptic e-mails are somehow linked—and that they can exonerate Elsie. See if your team of sleuths can solve this mystery and save an innocent woman.

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