The Rock the Oculus Scavenger Hunt

The Rock the Oculus Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Rock the Oculus Scavenger Hunt

Discover the great indoors downtown…

…on a scavenger hunt in the spectacular Oculus, near the Freedom Tower, and in the World Financial Center’s Brookfield Place. Your team will be challenged to follow clues and answer tricky, humorous questions about what you discover in these great spaces. Plus, you’ll take creative Team Photos and find or create a variety of unusual items in activities designed to test your teamwork and your resourcefulness.  

Completed in 2016, the Oculus is a dramatic all-white space like something out of a sci-fi movie. An underground hallway connects with Brookfield Place, where a palm court and intriguing places to shop and eat await. Another passage connects with the dramatic Fulton Center, a hub for more stores. These venues provide fascinating, weatherproof places for an indoor adventure downtown.

Highlights include…

  • A salute to Gemini astronauts
  • Dragons touting a fireproof building
  • A ceramic zoo behind bars
  • Huge murals of exotic harbors
  • Rizhsky khleb and other exotic edibles at Eataly
  • A giant clock reminding you to brush your teeth
  • Spectacular views

No knowledge of the Oculus or the area is necessary to play or to win. You just need to pay attention to details and work with your team.

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