The Hidden Inner Harbor Scavenger Hunt

The Hidden Inner Harbor Scavenger Hunt

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The Hidden Inner Harbor Scavenger Hunt

Discover the wonders of the waterfront

Sure, you know that waterfront is a mecca for tourist seeking food and souvenirs and a scenic vista. But did you know that there’s hidden history, quirky art, and secret sights to uncover? On teams, you’ll follow clues to track down places where you must find answers to tricky, fun questions. Plus you’ll need to keep an eye out for opportunities to complete team photo challenges and perhaps find or create unusual objects. Along the way, you’ll meet with our Hunt Host for a bonus challenge.

Your team will be challenged to…

  • Find the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse and its opossum pal
  • Discover a ship that survived the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Uncover natural mysteries in a mini marsh outside the National Aquarium
  • Ponder Poe in the Visitor Center
  • And much more!
Can you decipher the message in the hand of this statue?

You don’t need to know the area to win, but after this game you’ll be an Inner Harbor Insider.

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