Companies That Promote Enthusiasm Make More Money

That’s what management expert David Maister found when he studied 29 companies around the world to determine whether employee attitudes correlated with financial success. The statistics proved that the greater a firm’s morale, the more profitable it is. In his book Practice What You Preach: What Managers Must Do to Create a High Achievement Culture, Maister also discovered that successful companies have “superstar managers” who create fun. How? They do such things as…

  • Arrange group days out of the office.
  • Do things that surprise people.
  • Offer free exercise classes, book clubs, language lessons, surprise ice cream sundaes, pinball machines, and so on.
  • Fund client entertainment liberally.
  • Work hard and play hard with their people. “People like and need a release.”

By regularly providing fun for employees, Maister concludes, you can “retain people and increase billability by 15 percent”!

If you are looking to create fun, boost morale, and pull your team together, you can’t do better than a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt. It’s a game out of the ordinary for people out of the ordinary.

And in a time of economic challenges, you can’t afford to ignore morale. Watson Adventures scavenger hunts provide a cost-effective alternative that leaves colleagues feeling energized and appreciated.

Underline the lessons of the hunt with a
team-building workshop

Every hunt highlights the importance of teamwork and the value of each team member’s contribution as well as the many fascinating aspects of group dynamics and problem solving. To emphasize the lessons of the hunt so that the participants bring them back to the office and apply them to the company’s bottom line, Watson Adventures can add a discussion after the hunt.

We promise this: It will be a lot more fun than sitting in a conference room and being told to make a new product out of rubber bands, paper clips, and plastic cups.

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