A classic scavenger hunt with a twist!

If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt, we have one—with very unusual challenges for things to collect and team photos to take that will exercise your brain and your funny bone. Teams of six fan out to tackle challenges that they will absolutely enjoy:

Location Riddle Challenges

Get a taste of Watson Adventures’ famous questions about great places in the Times Square area. You’ll follow tricky, witty clues to find a particular place or sight and then discover the answer to a fun question. Here’s an example:

At 46th and Broadway, stand over a grate that seems to moan (it’s actually a sound installation by an artist). Face a musical man across the street. At about 2:00, you can still see a (petrified?) bygone movie star in the role of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Who is she? Answer: Mary Pickford, in a sculpture on the 46th Street side of a building, up at the third floor. The “musical man” is a statue of actor George M. Cohan, and 2:00 is the clock-face direction you must look in to see the statue.

Team Photo Challenges

We’ll give you an unusual “photo op” to create, and everyone has to get into the picture (except the person holding the camera, of course). We craft the photos to allow room for creativity while also delivering dramatic visuals (and not just tens of shots of people standing around smiling and pointing). You might be challenged to demonstrate a member of your team’s superhuman powers. Or treat a staircase as if it’s a carnival ride. Or eat food in a surprising way. Teams will get to see each other’s photos in an online gallery during and after the hunt—which gets every team to up their game.

Items to Find and Create

As in a classic scavenger hunt, you’ll have to locate and create items that will exercise your brain and your funny bone.

Can you create and name an amazing new food by combining two unlikely foods? How about an appropriate trophy for the hunt winners? Three items that rhyme? You’ll be surprised by the results that come from great teamwork.

Surprise Bonus Challenge

The hunters must find the Hunt Host at a specific location to complete a special challenge.

All Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunts are also available in an International Edition, for hunters whose first language is not English. Also available in Spanish. También disponible en español. Editions in other languages are also available.

What happy hunters are saying

Thank you for all of your help—we had a blast. This hunt, with all of the different pieces, was so fun and actually more challenging because you had to be on top of three different activities and had to be creative. Everyone loved it!!! We are a competitive group.” —Jordin Esserman, Kate Spade

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