Artful team building with a dash of adventure!

Treat your colleagues to the best of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts while seeking answers to tricky, humorous questions on this fun team building scavenger hunt. Our quirky clues lead teams on a whirlwind tour that spans ancient Egypt to modern America. You’ll learn the secrets of a whip-wielding wild woman, a piano-playing pup, an actress playing an inky sphinx, an elegant elephant saddle, an impish Impressionist, a tusk of love, a horrible hag who turns a skullcap into a cup, and gorilla (not guerilla) warfare, to name just a few of the highlights.

No knowledge of the museum or art is necessary: all you need is sharp eyes and comfy shoes. The emphasis is on teamwork—and fun. It’s the perfect activity for uniting diverse groups: a game with a level playing field that will get everyone laughing and pulling together. 

Your team will tackle such questions as...

• In the galleries of ancient Greek art, find a kid with a stick who looks ready to whack another kid holding grapes. But the item they’re found on isn’t interested in eating grapes: according to its Greek name, what does it want to eat? Answer: The kids are on the Asiatic Sarcophagus, and the label explains that sarcophagus is Greek for “flesh eater.” Yikes!

• In a gallery of 20th century American art, find red and white stripes where you can get clipped for a quarter. Near “Chaplin,” what queen was exposed (so to speak)? Answer: In Evergood’s ‘Street Corner’ a newspaper headline reveals that a burlesque queen was exposed. 

Fun for all groups and occasions

Our Hunt Host will set your group up at the start, meet you along the way for a surprise bonus challenge, and celebrate you at the finish line. It's a great game for all kinds of corporate groups and occasions.

The hunt is available in 90-minute and two-hour editions. Care to solve a murder while following the trail of clues? The Murder at the MFA Scavenger Hunt is also available—and rife with international intrigue.

Contact us to learn more—and find more fun in Richmond!