Discover Charm City's most charming waterfront neighborhood.

Dating back to Colonial times, Fell's Point offers an exciting mix of cobblestone streets, 19th-century buildings, historic places, waterside walkways, harbor views, and lively new stores, bars, and restaurants. Even Hollywood loves the area: It has served as a set for such movies as Sleepless in Seattle and Avalon, as well as the classic TV series Homicide. We’ll take you to those locations and cover all of the highlights on our fast-paced tour.

Your team will search for answers to such questions as...

• Near the Broadway Pier, where Meg Ryan was sleepless in Seattle, what was Frederick Douglass’ Peculiar accomplishment? Answer: He graduated from a place called Peculiar Institution, according to a sign.

• The Homicide detectives hung out at a place where it seems particularly convenient to drown your sorrows. What else should get drowned here? “Whoever serves beer or wine watered down,” according to a sign outside the Waterfront Bar.

• What high and mighty ballot proposal might get you to say, “I’ll drink to that!”? “Vote against prohibition,” in a fading ad painted high up on the side of a building.

Fell’s Point makes a great location for a 90-minute hunt, and there are plenty of fun restaurants and bars for a post-hunt party. For more fun, you can add our creative Team Photo Challenges. Contact us to learn more and get in the game!