As the media will tell you, we excel at museum hunts—and we love this hunt, because it combines two great museums in one: the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, all under one roof. From triceratops to Seurat, from dioramas to Degas, from mummified pharaohs to colorful van Goghs, this hunt has something for everyone.

You’ll discover answers to such questions as...

• Enter the Hall of Architecture and pass someone who makes you say “D’oh!” Continue towards icy doors. Who or what is unlucky enough to have “snake eyes”? Answer: Past a bust of Homer and near doors from Iceland, a sheep or ram skull has a snake wriggling through its eye sockets.

• Visit Dinosaurs in Their Time, a room of old bones. What “shady lady” first sold seashells by the seashore? Answer: Mary Awning, the fossil hunter who inspired the famous tongue twister. (Awning, shady...get it?)

Don’t worry if these questions seem hard out of context: The questions are designed so that you can figure out the answer only when you’re standing in the right spot. (Sorry, Googlers!) No knowledge of the museum or its contents is necessary—you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Care to make it a mystery? We can customize this hunt to include an interactive murder mystery plot.

The hunt is available in 90-minute and two-hour versions. Contact us to learn more and get in the game!