Embark on a scientific safari across space and time...

...on a scavenger hunt at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. You and your team will track down answers to fun, humorous questions on an expedition across centuries, civilizations, and solar systems. You’ll ponder dinosaurs, gigantic gems, wild weather, virtual sports, and 3D adventures underground.

Highlights of the hunt include… 

  • The funniest spot on the Moon
  • The biggest shellster on Earth
  • The oiliest sales-dinosaur in history
  • The rockiest map in Texas
  • The deadliest arachnid at the dance
  • The smartest men in the room
  • The healthiest PB&J in your life

You don’t need to know anything about science or the museum to do well or even win. All you need is a sharp mind and comfortable shoes.

An International Edition of this hunt is available for hunters whose first language isn’t English. Also available: The Murder at the Perot Museum Scavenger Hunt, with all the fun of our classic, acclaimed museum hunts but with a murder mystery storyline.

The hunt is available in 90-minute and two-hour editions. Contact us for additional details and find more fun!