If you can talk to the animals

...you’ll be cheating on this fun and funny tour of the delightful Milwaukee County Zoo. You and your team will follow a trail of tricky, witty clues that reveal surprising facts about animals of all types. No knowledge of the zoo or its residents is required: all you need is good teamwork, sharp eyes, and comfy shoes.

Highlights include...

Big Cat Country (don’t play with these kitties), the Small Mammals Building (actually it’s a fairly large building), Primates of the World (they’ve been to Cabo twice!), the Flamingo Exhibit and Overlook (don’t overlook it!), the Apes of Africa (we couldn’t find the Apes of Antarctica, alas), and the Hippo Home (when they sit around the house...).

Length and Special Editions

We recommend two hours of hunting time, but a 90-minute version is also available. The hunt includes are entertaining Team Photo Challenges, where your team must meet certain requirements and get creative to score points for photos.

Best of all, a scavenger hunt at the zoo supports the zoo’s efforts to preserve wildlife and boost appreciation of all creatures, great and small.

Contact us to get in the game—and find more fun!