A classic scavenger hunt with a twist!

If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt, we have one—with very unusual challenges for things to collect and team photos to take that will exercise your brain and your funny bone. Your tasks may involve strange uses for food, new lyrics for old songs, people in uniform, strangers wearing valuable words, surprising secrets about local landmarks, and more. If you’ve been on scavenger hunts where you’ve had to collect boring things like clothespins and obscure CDs, you’re in for a surprise and a treat.

Each hunt challenges you to find and create fun items, to get creative for Team Photo Challenges, and to find our staffers for a surprise challenge. In select locations we also include some of our famous, tricky questions about fascinating places. And the deluxe edition lets you customize the game to give it a personal touch.

Choose from Three Games for the Best Fit:

The Grab ’n’ Go Classic Scavenger Hunt

This hunt can be played anywhere and is the most cost-effective option. Teams of six fan out to tackle challenges that they will absolutely enjoy:

Items to Find and Create

As in a classic scavenger hunt, you’ll have to locate and create items that will exercise your brain and your funny bone.

Can you create and name an amazing new food by combining two unlikely foods? How about an appropriate trophy for the hunt winners? Three items that rhyme? You’ll be surprised by the results that come from great teamwork.

Team Photo Challenges

We’ll give you an unusual “photo op” to create, and everyone has to get into the picture (except the person holding the camera, of course). We craft the photos to allow room for creativity while also delivering dramatic visuals (and not just tens of shots of people standing around smiling and pointing). You might be challenged to demonstrate a member of your team’s superhuman powers. Or treat a staircase as if it’s a carnival ride. Or eat food in a surprising way.

Participants use their own smartphone cameras and send the photos to our judges. We’ll collect the photos and send them all to you after the hunt. They’ll be great souvenirs of your adventure, and you’ll get to share in each team’s adventures.

The Mystery Message Challenge

Your hunt materials will include a coded message. What does it say? To crack the code, you’ll need to solve three crafty, fun puzzles, involving a few trivia questions, intriguing text or email messages, a musical phone call, and other surprises. Can you piece together the key that cracks the code and unlocks the mystery message?

Surprise Bonus Challenge

The hunters must find the Hunt Host at a specific location to complete a special challenge.

The Grab ’n’ Go Texas Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the Classic Grab ’n’ Go Hunt with many of the challenges celebrating the best of Dallas, Forth Worth and Texas. For example, you might be asked to...

  • Find an advertisement or food container or wrapper that features the outline of the state of Texas.
  • Find one of the six flags that have flown over Texas—and you get bonus points if it’s not the flag of the Republic or the U.S. flag.

The Grab ’n’ Go Texas Hunt is a great game for expressing hometown spirit and for giving visitors or newcomers a taste of what makes your city and state great.

The Grab ’n’ Go Deluxe Scavenger Hunt

Let us tailor the hunt to your needs: We can customize the Grab ’n’ Go Classic challenges to feature anything you want to emphasize or celebrate. We’ll get the information from you and weave it into challenges involving collecting and creating objects, taking team photos, interacting with the Hunt Host and more. You can even customize the Mystery Message Challenge to contain any phrase you’d like the hunters to receive.

All Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunts are also available in an International Edition, for hunters whose first language is not English. Also available in Spanish. También disponible en español. Editions in other languages are also available.

Contact us to find out what we can create for you!