Wall St jump mkWe’ll Tailor the Game to Your Goals

Whether you want to build teamwork or just have fun—or go for anything in between—we have a variety of options to customize the hunt. Photos challenges, slide shows, custom questions, special challenge stops, smartphone hunts, teamwork debriefs and workshops—you name it, we’ll do it.

Team photo challenges

Wall St cube pc mkYou can spur creativity and team bonding by adding our surprising Team Photo Challenges to any outdoor hunt. Using your own smartphones, your team will be challenged to meet the requirements of various photo ops. Everyone has to get into the picture (except the person holding the camera, of course).

We’ve been creating great Team Photo Challenges for more than 15 years, and writing good ones is harder than you think. We work hard to come up with challenges that prompt your team to get creative while also producing memorable photos. The team with the most creative photos gets bonus points—which ensures, along with our challenging questions, that everyone goes back home with memorable photos of their experience. In many locations, we can also stage a post-hunt slide show.

Custom questions and hunts

Need to highlight particular goals or facts? Celebrate a particular person? Our customization options range from adding a few special questions to creating an entire custom hunt. Here are just a few examples of custom hunts we’ve created for prestigious clients:

  • For O, the Oprah Magazine, we created a hunt in which every question somehow involved Oprah Winfrey or her magazine.
  • When HBO Home Video wanted to celebrate the release of Sex and the City on DVD, we created a hunt entirely made up of locations featured in the series.
  • For Lucky magazine, we created a custom shopping hunt focused on their advertisers in New York’s SoHo and in Chicago’s Wicker Park.
  • For a Fortune 500 financial firm, we staged a hunt that introduced new employees to the company’s rich history in the Wall Street area.
  • For the New York Production Alliance, we staged two fundraising hunts that celebrated movies and TV shows made in New York.
  • Museums such as the Museum of Science, Boston, the New-York Historical Society, the Brooklyn Museum, the Penn Museum, the Harley-Davidson Museum, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science have asked us to create hunts for their venues.

Our writers will work with you to determine what you would most like to highlight about your company to the hunt participants, or what skills and goals you would most like to drive home in a fun, team-building format. Contact us to find out what we can create for you!

Smartphone and tablet games

Looking for a great team-building outing for your corporate group, or an exciting game for any social occasion? We offer games that can be played via the browser on any smartphone or tablet. You’ll enjoy all the fun of our acclaimed hunts with the bonus of real-time answers, additional hints, a countdown timer, humorous sounds, and more. Better than an app, our smartphone games works on a bevy of platforms and gadgets—iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, KindleFire, Windows, you name it—with no visit to an app store for download or purchase. Just tell us where your group would like to hunt!

“Know Your Colleagues” quiz

Any hunt can add this special “bonus quiz” in which hunters have to identify their colleagues based on clues that they provide us before the hunt. The clues often reveal surprising experiences and hidden talents that your coworkers may be proud to tell you about—but just never had the chance to reveal. The clues can involve exotic travels, favorite movies, hidden hobbies, moments of glory, first jobs, and secret wishes. Perhaps the best part of this experience is the remarkable conversations that the quiz sparks between coworkers after the hunt—and for days to come.

Team-building debrief and discussion

Every hunt imparts valuable team-building benefits to boost morale and get colleagues to work together better. But if you want to emphasize the lessons learned, we offer The Short and Sweet Team-Building Power-Up: We can add a pre-hunt briefing on “How to Win This Hunt,” which highlights successful teamwork strategies, followed by a fun debrief quiz after the hunt to drive home the lessons learned and celebrate triumphs and star players.

If you have an in-house team-building experts, we can discuss with them how best to incorporate the hunt into their discussion.

Find out what we can create for you!

To learn more and get in the game, call us at 877-9-GO HUNT (877-946-4868), extension 11, or use the contact form below.