From Cute to Crazy: 9 Great Gift Ideas from Museum Gift Shops

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift IdeasIt’s that time of year again. When wish lists and picky relatives and outraaaaageous holiday sales conspire to pummel your wallet and your soul into submission. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

The ideal gift for any lover of adventure, of course, would be a Watson Adventures gift certificate, good toward public and private scavenger hunts all across the country. But if you’re looking for stuff, museum gift shops have some very cool—and some very weird—options. Check out these cute, bizarre, and occasionally even useful gift ideas from some of our favorite museum shops.


Hello, Dollies

Famous artists have never been cuter. A colorful twist on Japanese Kokeshi dolls, these Artist Wooden Dolls (seen above) include Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Piet Mondrian—though we’re almost certain the Dutch Modernist never dressed up as one of his paintings. $42 each, Museum of Modern Art, New York


Bad! Bad Science!

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

Infinitely less cute is this Mutated Lab Rat, a plush paean to weird science. Although considering this little guy comes from a medical-oddities museum famous for being so gruesome that guests routinely pass out, he might qualify as the least freaky thing in the building. $4.25, Mutter Museum, Philadelphia


They’re Not That Great

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

Why wait for naked lunch when you can start your day with a steaming cup of coffee covered in poorly photoshopped naked people? The Great Nudes Mug has you—and only you—covered. $13, Baltimore Museum of Art


Tray Bizarre

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

For a truly outlandish mental picture, just imagine your party guests plucking one hors d’oeuvre after another off this Blue Bird Specimens Tray, only to realize in the end that they’ve been eating off dead birds the whole time. At least you’ll never have to throw another party. $80, Field Museum, Chicago


CSI: Kitchen Counter

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

Forget dead birds. You’re much better off serving food at a crime scene. This Crime Scene Trivet takes Murder at the Art Museum a bit far, but it sure will be fun making up a murder mystery around the dinner table. $25, Art Institute of Chicago


Snitches Get Stitches

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

Or leave the criminal activity to the professionals. String dolls often offer their owner a special gift, like patience or wisdom, and Bugsy the String Doll is no exception. He and his pal Tommy are ready to take care of anyone suffering from Big Mouth-itis, if you know what we mean. $13, The Mob Museum, Las Vegas


Why Did the Handbag Cross the Road?

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

To get into your shopping cart, natch. This Chicken Bag makes for one stylish clucking addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The perfect transition piece, it takes you from day to night wearing literally anything you want anywhere you want, because no one will notice a thing beyond the purse-shaped rubber chicken hanging from your arm. $40, Tenement Museum, New York


Stretching Is Half the Battle

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

For the militant yogi in your life, SFMoMA offers Advanced Yoga Joes, your own little Seal Team Six of impressively limber troops. Make namaste, not war. ($25, San Francisco Museum of Morden Art)


The Wind Cries Pricey

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift Ideas

This year’s Who in the World Can Afford These Things? Award goes to the String Theory: Jimi Hendrix Anniversary Print, an enormous, frankly stunning metal print of the late, great guitar god. At a cool five large, this thing is a steal. Like, literally. For that much money, you could pay the Ghostbusters to find and trap the actual ghost of Jimi Hendrix and bring him to your house to play Guitar Hero. Sheesh. $5,000, MoPOP, Seattle


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