USA Today: Watson Adventures Museum Games Lure Would-Be Sleuths

In a massive media hit, the Associated Press tagged along on our Murder at the Met Scavenger Hunt for a story about our murder mystery hunts across the United States. USA Today, among about 200 media outlets, ran the story. “The hunt involving the murdered curator is tailored to a museum’s collection,” the story reported, “and also is offered at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Getty Center in Los Angeles, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.”

Hunters also got to chime in: “I really like the level of difficulty,” said Matt Fuhrman, 22, a college graduate from Columbus, Ohio. “I read the Da Vinci Code and all the Dan Brown books. It was very much like the books.” Learn more about our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts for private groups or contact us. We also offer murder mystery public hunts in seven cities. Hurry before the trail grows cold!