Murder Mystery Makes Headlines in L.A.!
Murder Mystery Makes Headlines in L.A.!

Murder Mystery Makes Headlines in L.A.!

Discover LACMA on Fun Museum Tour Scavenger HuntIs it any wonder that the city that gave us film noir would send reporters (well, two) in search of answers when we announced our new Murder at LACMA Scavenger Hunt?

Sleuths who join us at the Los Angeles County Museum will be greeted with the shocking news that a Watson Adventures staffer has been found dead in the museum, with a star—drawn with his own blood—on the floor beside him. To find out whodunnit, participants will have to do the scavenger hunt he created for the museum, with such questions as…

Find an image that gives new meaning to the idea of jumping out of your skin. Who depicted this unusual way to kill yourself?

Find three people who might be thinking, “There must be better ways to share a toothpick.” What proves to be part of a balanced diet for the dead? 

It turns out that secrets in the works of art on display contain the key to cracking a hidden code and solving the crime. Along the way, hunters will get a whirlwind museum tour, featuring quirky Old Masters, astounding American masterpieces, wondrous ancient Egyptian works, jolting Japanese armor, and much, much more.

The L.A. Daily News and Antelope Valley Press both interviewed Watson Adventures founder Bret Watson to get the scoop on the new hunt. When asked about the art of writing a great hunt question, Bret replied, “I come at this as, How do we craft a question so that it engages the hunter and, when they get the answer, there is that ‘Aha!’ moment of excitement?”

Friends on a fun day trip to Santa MonicaHe also explained that, unlike our outdoor hunts in places such as Hollywood and downtown L.A.,  the museum hunt clues don’t add lots of information about the cool things players discover. “Since there’s so much information in the museum, I don’t try to compete with that or overload the hunters,” Bret said. “I let them take in the fun information [on the labels]. When it comes to a hunt in Santa Monica or downtown L.A., that’s when the people who help with these things and I will hit the books and the Internet and find hidden history out there.”

Check the Los Angeles Hunt Calendar for opportunities to join two murder mystery hunts at the Getty Center: the Murder at the Getty Scavenger Hunt and the Dancing Nudes Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. All of the hunts are available for private groups as well. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun in L.A.!