Crain’s New York Business Profiles Watson Adventures Founder

Bret Watson, owner of Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts“An occasional stand-up comedian and a writer and editor for magazines including Entertainment Weekly in the 1990s, Bret Watson would regularly spend free time visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, looking for amusing details and juxtapositions in the exhibits.”

So begins a profile of the found of Watson Adventures in the Crain’s New York Business article “How a Writer Grew a Scavenger Hunt for Friends into a 30-City Business.” You’ll find out his favorite clue, our “smartest” customer, and the Watson Adventures origins story. How does the story end? Not a clue. See the story

City Guide Features Watson Adventures “Exhilarating” Adventures

The experts on New York City entertainment at CityGuide.com have featured Watson Adventures’ scavenger hunts as particularly appealing for people who like riddles. “Whether you’re looking to join up on one of their public hunts, or you have a private or corporate event, Watson will deliver challenging clues designed to send you on an exhilarating two-hour journey,” notes the article. See the story

8 Amazing Works of Art By and About People of Color at the National Portrait Gallery

Watson Adventures National Portrait Gallery People of Color

In a rare feat for a presidential portrait, the February unveiling of President Barack Obama’s was an artistic event. The reveal of the first black president’s portrait (alongside that of First Lady Michelle Obama) drew international attention. Brooklyn artist Kehinde Wiley’s characteristically bright, bold painting has become an instant draw at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery.

A trip to the museum is well worth your time. There are plenty of great pieces and hidden gems to explore during your visit. Sharlette Williams, our D.C. coordinator and hunt host extraordinaire (and local foodie), takes a look at a few of her favorite pieces created by or featuring people of color. (more…)

Boston Baked Beaniuses—and Other Awesome Team Names for Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt Team NamesSherlock Holmes. Hercule Poirot. Scooby-Doo. To catch a criminal, to solve a murder, to unravel a devious puzzle, you need one thing: a great name.

Now, to nab the murderers and demystify the mysteries behind a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt, you also need a team. Inventing a fun, funny team name is the perfect start to your fun, funny adventure, and it might even earn you some extra points! Here are just a few of the great names other teams have come up with.


Welcome to the Jungle: 3 Corporate Team Building Lessons from Jumanji

Watson Adventures Jumanji Corporate Team Building Tips“Trust one another, and never blink.” 

It’s the start of a prophecy, but it’s also a major theme running throughout Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the wildly successful jungle adventure movie. Verrrry loosely inspired by the 1995 original, this reboot sucks four high-schoolers who don’t get along into a Jumanji video game, each taking the roles of the game’s heroes. Hijinks ensue.

More than just dodging rhinos and saving the world, Jumanji brings together a group of individuals, with all their quirks and fears, and forges them into an efficient, successful team. And it’s got a few tips for your office’s next team building effort. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)


From the Museum with Love: 10 Funny Valentines for the Art Lover in Your Life

The ultimate love-it-or-leave-it holiday, Valentine’s Day, is drifting ever closer on the wings of a crazed, arrow-slinging cherub. As if that weren’t romantic enough, our Naked at the Art Museum and Dancing Nudes Murder Mystery scavenger hunts are back to spice things up.

Need help asking out a hunt partner? We’ve got you covered with these artsy valentines, sure to melt any museum lover’s heart.*  


Success in Team Building: A Tale of Two Cities

Watson Adventures Founder Bret WatsonYou have one company…but two offices. In different cities. With different staffs, cultures, sensibilities, you name it. The only guarantee: Your office is the cool one, the one that really runs things. The other office? Oh, you mean those slackers?

This intra-company competition is kinda weird, and not very productive; so, how do you turn that competition into something that might approach camaraderie?


Fun from Coast to Coast: More of the Best Scavenger Hunt Team Photos of 2017

Waston Adventures More Best Team Photos 2017To borrow a phrase, 2017 was truly some wild and wacky stuff. For scavenger hunters all over the country, that meant documenting their adventures with some of the funnest, funniest photos we’ve seen in a long time.

We rounded up some of our favorites a few months ago, with hunters jumping in unison, popping their heads out of hiding, and generally acting like goofballs anywhere and everywhere. Now here are the rest of the best team photos from 2017.


Author’s Scavenger Hunt for Palindromes Turns Gnu Dung into Gold

Watson Adventures Do Geese See GodA roll of Tums changed William Irvine’s life. OK, maybe that’s overstating the case slightly, but as a child he noticed that Tums spelled backwards made another word—and thus a master curator and creator of palindromes was born.

Decades later, he has assembled his favorites into a new book, his own anthology of palindromes: Do Geese See God? 

The booked is packed with miniature masterpieces, and Steven Guarnaccia’s droll illustrations provide the puckish context. “Yo, banana boy” is entertaining in itself, but the image of a bikini-clad woman summoning an apprehensive banana delivers an extra kick. He even finds a way to give classics like “A man, a plan, a canal: Panama” an unexpected twist. (more…)

48 Hours in Detroit: 10 Great Things to Do in the Motor City

Watson Adventures Weekend in Detroit

Maybe forget the name “Motor City.” To us, it could just as easily be dubbed Museum City, boasting some of America’s most exciting venues celebrating the visual arts, music, and history. And we say this as people who are constantly exploring for great museums for our scavenger hunts.

But we also love Detroit for its fantastic food, exciting sports, vibrant music scene, and friendly people. Here are our recommendations on how to spend a memorable weekend there. (more…)