Things to Do in Los Angeles: Top 10 Star-Worthy Place to See, Experience & Indulge in La La Land

Things to do in LA

When visiting a big city like Los Angeles, it can be difficult sifting through the many places to go and things to do to find the very best. We spend our days discovering can’t-miss attractions and hidden treasures of cities while putting together our engaging and entertaining scavenger hunts. And we’ve put together a list of L.A. favorites to share with you!

From farmer’s markets with special features to the sticky home of prehistoric creatures, read on as we shine a spotlight on 10 fun things to do in Los Angeles. Read More

Gift Idea: A Scavenger Hunt Gift Certificate, Wrapped in These 10 Holiday Jokes

Watson Adventures Holiday Jokes’Tis the season to be jolly, and merry, and all that other cheerful stuff. Sure, 2016 may have been more bah humbug than hallelujah, but that’s no reason not to embrace the most wonderful time of the year. Give the gift of adventure with a Watson Adventures gift certificate, or if you’re in New York, join a whole week of scavenger hunts between Christmas and New Year’s. 

In the meantime, everyone can enjoy this list of some of our favorite holiday jokes. Keep quips and one-liners ready to deploy during awkward eggnog conversation or literally any time anyone tries to bring up politics at the dinner table. You’re welcome, and happy holidays!

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Love in Alderaan Places—and Other Awesome Team Names for Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts

Watson Adventures Great Scavenger Hunt Team NamesOne sign of great teamwork: a great team name. As America’s premier, number one, top dog, supremo masters of scavenger hunts—and yeah, OK, treasure hunts too—we’ve seen a lot of creative team names since we began in 1999. We’ve shared some great ones with you before, such as here and here, as well as on Facebook.

But this spring, participants on our public hunts for Star Wars fans and Harry Potter fans outdid themselves, as you’ll see below. Teams on our corporate team building and private scavenger hunts were not to be outdone, as you’ll also see below. Ladies and gentlemen, start your pun-gines!

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7 Great, New Works of Street Art in NYC

Street Art NYC Watson AdventuresUrban art. Neo-graffiti. Vandalism. Whatever you call it, street art enlivens and enriches even the most vibrant neighborhood in New York City. Some appreciate it as an art form all its own, and others decry it as a nuisance, but street art is a quintessential element of this city.

Our Munch Around Chinatown Scavenger Hunt and Gangsters’ New York Scavenger Hunt offer glimpses at this ever-changing art scene in the Little Italy area. We recently found some weird, beautiful new pieces of street art you have to check out. Here are seven of our favorites. Read More

Museum News: More Great Places for Team Building Activities

Petersen Automotive Museum Watson AdventuresOK, we’re biased: Since 1999 our creed has been that museums are superior locations for corporate team building activities, or at least when you do them our way. And the good news is that a variety of museums have been refurnishing, revamping, and re-creating themselves recently—and we’ve been adding and re-imagining our hunts there to keep pace. Here’s just a sample…

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Top 5 Team Building Activities for 2016

NewOrleans jump church_editedIt’s no secret that a happy work environment fosters happy employees. And that happy employees, in turn, are more productive, loyal and creative than their burnt-out counterparts. They are fully engaged in their company’s mission and work with a strong sense of pride and ownership. They are more likely to stay with their company and less likely to call in sick. In short, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So how to develop this workplace utopia? Two words: team building.

Read on to discover some of our tried-and-true, guaranteed-to-make-your-employees-laugh team-building scavenger hunts.
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Behind the Hunt: The Adventures of Dr. Blined

watson-adventures-dr-blined-thumbHe might be our easiest clue to find: Tall, dapper Dr. Robin M. Blined, with a snappy hat and a monocle, stands out among the crowds at the Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. He’s a suspect on our murder mystery hunts in a variety of science and history museums, and your job is to interrogate him.

In D.C. the duplicitous doc is played by Bobby Williams, who came up with his own costume. He and Sharlette Williams make up TeamSllae, two of the many creative, enthusiastic people who make Watson Adventures scavenger hunts so entertaining. They play many roles and wear many hats—quite literally, in Bobby’s case. His outfit and height draw a lot of attention from people who aren’t on the hunt, as he reveals in this account of a typical day at the office (so to speak)…
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3 Favorite New Orleans Spots

Watson Adventures New OrleansWriting scavenger hunts is an odd job with a big bonus: a ton of travel. New Orleans is easily one of my favorite places I’ve researched, and not (just) because of those 37 snarfed beignets. The Crescent City smells like a deep-fried flower and is one big adventure waiting to happen, whether you’re on a corporate team-building scavenger hunt or wandering solo like me. Here are three of my favorite stops: Read More

Trivia Fuels Teamwork at Holiday Parties

NYC Federal HallWhat Is a Great Office Party? (Correct!)

Project management firm MGAC sees weekly trivia as a “key team-building” activity, and we know why. Devilishly fun trivia questions call on every team member to contribute, and the result is a serious boost in morale, cheer and teamwork. Plus, trivia keeps employees’ minds razor-sharp, their attitudes can-do, and even their spirits happy.

Treating your employees to a Watson Adventures Trivia Slam game is a gift not just to them, but to your entire company—it’s no wonder the Trivia Slam game is an uber-popular choice for corporate holiday parties! We can customize questions to feature your organization or just keep it simple. Trivia Slams can be held virtually anywhere, and our expertise makes this a lot more than your typical pub quiz. We take our fun and games very seriously!

When a major financial firm area wanted us to create custom trivia about the Wall Street area, we came up with a quiz that included the following five questions.  Read More

7 Food-Filled Photos from Our Hunters

Touchpoint_082614_4_THUMBIt’s Thanksgiving, a special time of year that means two things: Americans everywhere eat a lot of food, and holiday shopping mutates into a brutal bloodsport. Not much we can do about Black Friday (unless you skip the mall and grab a Watson gift certificate instead), but we adore food—and so do our scavenger hunters, whether they’re on a corporate team-building trip with coworkers or a fun public hunt with friends.

In honor of the most food-centric day of the year, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite food- and drink-filled photos from you, our hunters! Read More