11 Art Memes That Perfectly Sum Up the Misery of August

Watson Adventures Art Memes August MiseryFor many of us, the eighth month is the cruelest month. Summer is both unbearably hot and yet terrifyingly close to ending. The sun’s blazing, humidity’s rising, school’s looming. If you’re not sweaty and gross at any given moment, it’s probably because you’re freezing to death in your office.

August is rough, and these 11 art memes are all of us this month. See how many of these you can relate to.

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Drinks with a View: 21 of the Best Rooftop Bars in the Country

Watson Adventures Best Rooftop Bars

From museum scavenger hunts to challenging escape games, adventures are a thirsty business. It’s only natural to head out afterward to toast your victory or to rehash your favorite parts of the game. This being summer, of course, you should really enjoy your post-hunt libations outside!

From glamorous hotel rooftops to the open-air bars at museums—like the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, above—we’ve rounded up some of our favorite outdoor bars in the seven cities with Watson Adventures scavenger hunts available to the public

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Jeff Bezos Kicked Your Butt—And Other Scavenger Hunt Records

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt Intrepid

Highlights from Watson Adventures’ First 18 Years

Longest escalator ride. Most keys removed from a keyring by a parrot. World’s wealthiest cat.

The world is full of weird, hilarious records—humans, and apparently some other animals, are competitive by nature. We like our bragging rights. And here at Watson Adventures, where we create scavenger hunts and other games for a living, we’re no different. Seeing as it’s our birthday and we’ll brag if we want to, here are just a few of the many highlights compiled over 18 years of adventure.

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Camera Shenanigans: 20+ of the Best Team Photos of 2018, So Far

Watson Adventures Best Photos 2018 So FarIf you have trouble believing it’s already July, you’re not alone. Why, it feels like just yesterday that hunters were enjoying their first Watson Adventures scavenger hunt of the year, and now here we are with our favorite team photos from the first half of 2018!

Whether on corporate team building scavenger hunts or public scavenger hunts at the museum or in your favorite neighborhood, you’re often tasked with completing fun photo challenges. You might have to take a team photo jumping in the air, or acting scared of a live animal. Check out some of our favorite kooky, creative ways hunters have found to rise to the challenge.

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Fun with the Founding Fathers: Fourth of July Quiz

Watson Adventures Fourth of July Quiz

Happy birthday, America! You’re turning 242 years old on this Fourth of July, but you don’t look a day over 150. 

On this special day, here’s a fun little quiz about our country’s parents, the Founding Fathers, and their fight to someday give us a day off from work in early July. Check out these famous paintings of major figures and moments in the fight for independence and the struggle to build a nation, and see how well you know what was really going on. And then go salute America with some hot dogs and apple pie.

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Here’s the Scoop: 16 Awesome Ice Cream Places Around the Country

Watson Adventures Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like ice cream, and nothing helps sweeten a victory—or soften the sting of defeat—after a scavenger hunt like a heaping helping of your favorite flavor.

Whatever you crave, from crazy creations to beloved classics, we’ve got you. Check out this list of awesome ice cream places in each of the seven cities where we offer public hunts. Each stop is on or near a scavenger hunt route, so come for the fun, stay for the yum!

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From Assassination to Ice Cream: 7 Secrets to Uncover on Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt SecretsSecrets are everywhere, and it’s our job to uncover them. No, don’t worry, whatever you did on that weekend in Vegas is still hush-hush. Our scavenger hunts are more interested in the hidden gems of museums, historic neighborhoods, and food scenes in cities around the country.

When you join one of our scavenger hunts, you’ll follow a trail of fun, funny clues to solve tricky questions, catch murderers, untangle puzzles, or even escape with your lives. All the while, you’ll discover facts you never knew or details you’ve never noticed. Below are some examples from a hunt in each of the seven cities where you can get in the game on a public hunt.  Read More

Four Perfect Reasons to Skip the Escape Room and Join a Team Building Scavenger Hunt

Watson Adventures Corporate Scavenger Hunt WinnersImagine being locked in a small room with a bunch of your co-workers…and almost no chance of escape! Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? For some people a game like that can be fun, sure. But if our 15+ years in the business of entertaining customers has taught us anything, it’s that your group would appreciate a more varied adventure—and more bang for your buck.

Escape rooms started popping up all over the place a few years ago, and now they’re a staple of small parties with an hour to kill. They can be fun—if you enjoy doing nothing but solving puzzles for an hour. Squeezing a group of co-workers into a small space can only get you so far, especially if your goal is team building and group bonding. The nearly limitless options afforded by Watson Adventures scavenger hunts, on the other hand, have those run-of-the-mill rooms beat by my a mile. Here’s why. Read More

Windy City Live and Mayor Rahm Emanuel Get in the Game with a Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt


Not even the mayor of Chicago can resist the excitement of a Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt. Rahm Emanuel helped ABC’s Windy City LIVE as they zipped around town and completed the fun challenges of the Thrown for a Loop Scavenger Hunt.

Members of their studio audience made up Team Ryan and Team Val and competed as “The ScAvengers” to find and solve clues through the Chicago Loop. Head on over to watch the videos and join in on the fun.