8 Hilarious Holiday Cards and Art Memes to Celebrate the Season

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a thing that says “Happy Holidays,” and some of these festive cards and art memes do that!

Can you tell we’re ready for some eggnog? In fact, we’re just going to dip out of the office here and find some while you enjoy these silly things we made for you. And, sincerely, happy holidays!

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16 Weird New Holiday Gift Ideas from Museums

Watson Adventures 2018 Gift Guide

In case the sudden explosion of wish lists, gift guides, and doorbuster sales—as well as, y’know, a basic grasp of the passage of time—weren’t enough to clue you in, it’s true: The holidays are back, and you’d better get those gift-giving juices flowing.

The ideal gift for anyone who likes fun, obviously,  is a Watson Adventures gift certificate. They’re good toward public and private scavenger hunts all across the country! Somewhat less ideal, but still pretty fun, would be one of these bonkers gift options we found in museum gift shops. Read More

11 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About Thanksgiving

A hearty Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who plans to spend Thursday feasting on piles of turkey, or turducken, or tofurkey, or *checks notes* ham? Sure, whatever!

You’ve learned some obscure tidbits about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and eaten up famous food art. Now enjoy these interesting facts about Thanksgiving, everyone’s favorite cranberry-blasted, gravy-soaked November holiday.

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From Teamwork to Team Building: How to Get 200 Executives Better Acquainted

Watson Adventures Better Get Acquainted

Every business and every employee is familiar with the concept of a tall order. Ship 500 pallets of hula-hoops by end of day! Fulfill a thousand orders of Snuggies in one minute! Work retail on Black Friday without going insane!

We’re no exception here at Watson Adventures. Even though we offer more than 700 different scavenger hunts and other corporate team building games, we still get the occasional client request that surprises even us. And that’s just what happened when we got a call a few weeks ago: “Hi, can you come up with a totally new set of games to help 200 young CEOs get to know each other better, in real time, in one room of a resort hotel?”

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Hangings, Bribes & Coleslaw: Pop Quiz on Ellis Island, the Isle of Immigration

Watson Adventures Ellis Island Pop Quiz“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” So sayeth “The New Colossus,” the poem inscribed in the base of Lady Liberty’s pedestal. She of course has been the symbol of immigration to the United States since at least 1892, when nearby Ellis Island first opened its doors to those seeking a better life in America.

Beyond the fact that it was a busy immigration spot during its time, how much do you know about Ellis Island? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz—we created it specially as part of a themed trivia game that visitors to Ellis Island played just last week!

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Let’s Eat: 10 Famous Pieces of Food Art

Believe it or not (we don’t), it’s already November. With an early Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to turn your thoughts to the reason for the season: food!

And lots of it. Not only is food a favorite thing for people to eat, it’s a favorite thing for artists to paint. And sculpt. And photograph. So we’ve set the table with 10 famous artworks featuring food (none of which is a can of soup, by the way). From the heartwarming to the mouth-watering, they’re all a feast for the eyes.

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One-of-a-Kind Harry Potter: A History of Magic Apparates to NYC Museum

Watson Adventures Harry Potter NYHS

The world is full of children—and, let’s face it, adults—who have glanced longingly at the sky, hoping to spot an owl winging its way to them, Hogwarts acceptance letter in its beak. An immersive new exhibit at the New-York Historical Society is built for them—and anyone else who’s ever enjoyed J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

“Harry Potter: A History of Magic” coincides with the release of a new book of the same name and combines artifacts from the British Library and the New-York Historical Society with pieces from Rowling’s archives and her publisher, Scholastic, an audio tour voiced by Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer, and a lot more. We visited the exhibit to bring you our impressions. (Hint: The whole thing is magical!)

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Should You Give Away Valuable Prizes in Team Building Games?

Watson Advetures Corporate Scavenger Hunt Winners

No. A pricey award for the winners—iPads, days off, $100 gift certificates, you name it—changes the object of the game in the minds of the hunters. For many or most of the participants, the objective changes from “have fun with my colleagues” to “win that iPad!”

At Watson Adventures, we recommend to our clients that modest, symbolic prizes are not just fine, they’re superior. We’ve been staging scavenger hunts for corporate groups since 1999, and we’ve seen clients give out all sorts of prizes—including, yes, airline tickets for the entire winning team. Here’s what we’ve learned and what we advise clients. Read More

So Spooky! Great Scavenger Hunt Team Names for Halloween Fun

Watson Adventures Halloween Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Welcome to October, the spookiest time of year! On a Halloween scavenger hunt with Watson Adventures, you’ll find ghostly locales, haunting history, and chilling tales all over the country.

Of course, you can’t go huntin’ ghosts without an awesome team name. A clever name brings your team together while you track down long-lost spirits—and it might earn you some extra points! Here are just a few of the great names other teams have come up with.

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Was This President Truly a “Human Iceberg”?

Watson Adventures Benjamin Harrison Portrait

Turning Up the Heat on Benjamin Harrison

History really only remembers Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd president, by his rather unfortunate nickname: “The Human Iceberg.” That’s how you’ll see the man referred to when you encounter him on our scavenger hunts at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

And sure, the guy was stiff. He was said to greet people in an unusually formal manner, and he always wore gloves to shake your hand. In his stern presidential portraits he looks more like the man voted “Most Likely to Give You a Right Spanking.” He was some one-term afterthought sandwiched between two Grover Cleveland administrations…so, doesn’t a man like that deserve his Batman-villain nickname for all eternity?

It turns out he doesn’t. Harrison wasn’t cold; he was actually almost cool—and as a human being, he was warm to boot.

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