Resolved: A.J. Jacobs Explains How to Have More Adventures in 2018

Watson Adventures AJ Jacobs Adventures 2018

It’s easy enough to make a resolution like “Live more adventurously,” but how do you get yourself to take the sometimes daring leaps required? We consulted an expert: author A.J. Jacobs, who has made a career out of putting himself in outrageous situations and writing humorously about it. In his latest book, ‘It’s All Related,’ A.J. tells of setting himself the goal of staging the largest family reunion in history. Here, he shares his tips on how you can push yourself into new adventures. Read More

48 Hours in Detroit: 10 Great Things to Do in the Motor City

Watson Adventures Weekend in Detroit

Maybe forget the name “Motor City.” To us, it could just as easily be dubbed Museum City, boasting some of America’s most exciting venues celebrating the visual arts, music, and history. And we say this as people who are constantly exploring for great museums for our scavenger hunts.

But we also love Detroit for its fantastic food, exciting sports, vibrant music scene, and friendly people. Here are our recommendations on how to spend a memorable weekend there. Read More

From Cute to Crazy: 9 Great Gift Ideas from Museum Gift Shops

Watson Adventures 2017 Museum Gift IdeasIt’s that time of year again. When wish lists and picky relatives and outraaaaageous holiday sales conspire to pummel your wallet and your soul into submission. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

The ideal gift for any lover of adventure, of course, would be a Watson Adventures gift certificate, good toward public and private scavenger hunts all across the country. But if you’re looking for stuff, museum gift shops have some very cool—and some very weird—options. Check out these cute, bizarre, and occasionally even useful gift ideas from some of our favorite museum shops.

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Pilgrim, Schmilgrim: 9 Things You Might Not Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watson Adventures Macys Thanksgiving Parade

Never quite the solemn city, New York took a solemn day marked by black-clad killjoys and turned it into an occasion for celebration, with clowns, marching bands, and helium-swollen trademark symbols.

That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving! We’re celebrating the the holiday in New York City with a weekend of our own form of merriment: the Murder at the Met Scavenger Hunt, the Secrets of Grand Central Scavenger Hunt, the Grand Central Scramble Family Scavenger Hunt, and the Wizard School Scavenger Hunt. To warm you up for these hunts and the festive day, here are nine things you probably didn’t know about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Read More

Museum of Magical History: 10 Amazing Facts from the Newest Wizard School Scavenger Hunt

Watson Adventures Wizard School 2

Proud lions, slithering serpents, forbidding forests, and a giant squid abound in one of the most venerated places on earth. And no, it’s not Hogwarts—it’s the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

That’s where children and adults alike can join the new Wizard School Scavenger Hunt 2: The School of Magical History. Just like the popular Wizard School Scavenger Hunt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this new adventure sends you on a hunt for artifacts, creatures, and exhibits reminiscent of characters and events from the Harry Potter books and films. Not sure how wizard-y the Museum of Natural History can be? Here are 10 magical facts and exhibits from the museum.

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Why Team Building Activities Matter: 10 Great Quotes About Teamwork from CEOs

Watson Adventures TeamworkBuilding a cohesive, effective team takes a lot more than words—but words are important too. They convey wisdom, they inspire trust, they illuminate leadership’s vision.

And these men and women had vision to spare. From innovators like Henry Ford to the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, these leaders have had an awful lot to say about the importance of teamwork—and, by extension, the value of team building activities. Read on for some words of wisdom from people who very much know what they were talking about.

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Not Just Turkey Day: 12 Surprising Things That Happened in November

Watson Adventures November History

Weird that grave-robbing and sky-writing in November haven’t caught on like eating a bunch of turkey and pie has.

As November gets started—hard to believe 2017 is already 11 months old!—take a look back at other stuff that has happened this month. Some of it’s surprising, some of it’s just plain weird, and some of these made-up holidays are too much.

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Amazing Scavenger Hunt Team Names: Spooky Halloween Edition

Watson Adventures Halloween Team Names

When you hunt with Watson Adventures for Halloween, you’ll discover haunted places, urban legends, and tall tales all over the country. Listen for the bugle-playing ghost in Room 928 on the Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt, mourn for the burning bride of City Tavern on the Haunted Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt, hunt the ghosts of Aaron Burr and Edgar Allan Poe on the Ghosts of Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt, and more.

Now, you can’t do any of that without a great team name. Not only will a clever name bring your team together while you track down long-lost spirits, it might even earn you some extra points! Here are just a few of the great names other teams have come up with.

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Global Nightmare Fuel: 7 of the Creepiest Objects from Museums Around the World

Watson Adventures Creepy Objects from Museum Around the WorldShrieking babies. Deformed clowns. Severed heads. We’re said it before and we’ll say it again: Museums are just warehouses of horror teeming with creepy junk.

Our Art of Darkness Scavenger Hunts are full of stuff like this, which makes for a creepy good time at Halloween. But for an extra dose of weird, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite freaky junk from museums around the world. Read More

Feeling Lonely at Work? You’re Not Alone! How Team Building Can Help

Watson Adventures Key to Strong Team What’s the workplace trend that media outlets from Harvard Business Review to Huffington Post to the Guardian are writing about? Sadly, it’s not foosball tables or flex time—it’s loneliness. Studies show that a large (and growing) percentage of adults feel isolated on the job, regardless of whether they occupy a cubicle or the corner office. And since work is where we spend most of our time, that’s a worrisome trend.

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