Feeling Lonely at Work? You’re Not Alone! How Team Building Can Help

Watson Adventures Key to Strong Team What’s the workplace trend that media outlets from Harvard Business Review to Huffington Post to the Guardian are writing about? Sadly, it’s not foosball tables or flex time—it’s loneliness. Studies show that a large (and growing) percentage of adults feel isolated on the job, regardless of whether they occupy a cubicle or the corner office. And since work is where we spend most of our time, that’s a worrisome trend.

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Best of the Museum: 5 Things We Love at the Museum of Natural History

Watson Adventures 5 Things We Love at AMNHSure, you’ve seen the life-size blue whale and the fearsome T-rex, but have you found the shrunken heads? New York’s American Museum of Natural History packs two million square feet with countless treasures that remain hidden to most visitors. No wonder it’s one of our most popular locations for a scavenger hunt. 

Watson Adventures senior writer Ryan Greene grew up visiting the museum—actually 28 interconnected buildings, the oldest of which dates back to 1874—and it’s his favorite place in the world. Read on for five of the coolest things he has uncovered in the galleries.

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Find These 5 Amazing Foods on a Chicago Scavenger Hunt

Chicago Munch Scavenger Hunt FoodChicago is a food town. From the fine dining of Rick Bayless and Alinea to the reverence for hot dogs and nachos, this city really cooks.

You can enjoy a taste of Chicago’s culinary chops on the Munch Around Lincoln Park Scavenger Hunt, a romp through one of the city’s foodiest neighborhoods. Here’s a sample of some of our favorite foods from some of the restaurants you’ll find on the hunt.

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Nightmare Fuel: 8 of the Creepiest Objects from Museums

Watson Adventures Creepy Art at Museums

Fact: Beneath the veneer of fancy art and snooty marble, museums are just warehouses of horror teeming with creepy junk. Paintings of demons tormenting lost souls somehow get a pass for being religious? Mummies are straight-up dead people! And that baby-doll thing? That hellish piece of garbage is in a museum.

Now, we don’t mind—it gives us cool fodder for our Art of Darkness Scavenger Hunts come Halloween time. But still, it boggles the mind that some of this stuff is on display for the unsuspecting public to look upon. Luckily we’re here to prepare you (or at least traumatize you in advance). Here are eight of our favorite creepiest objects from museums around the country.

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Eat, Play, Love: The Latest (& Greatest) Team Building Trends

Once considered a bit of a boondoggle or an “extra,” team building outings and activities are now widely recognized as essential to the health and growth of any business. But it’s no longer enough to take your crew out for a round of golf or a rousing evening of karaoke (though if you’re going, count us in). The perfect team building activity should reflect not only the specific needs and challenges of your organization, but also the mood of the moment.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Tap into these team building trends.

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Name that Celebrity Quiz: Famous Names & Far-Fetched Facts

Watson Adventures Pop Quiz Name CelebritiesNever mind your Kardashians and your T Swifts—naming these famous people, some still around and some long gone, will be a challenge.

Researching scavenger hunts and trivia games all day every day has led us to tons of fascinating—and obscure—facts about celebrities.  See if you can identify each of the following celebs from these lesser-known facts about them. Some of these are pretty tough, but you can do it. The answers are at the end. Good luck, and good guessing! Read More

Marvel-ous New York: Super Hero Movie and TV Locations in NYC

Watson Adventures Super Hero Film & TV Locations NYCSpider-Man, the Avengers, the Defenders, Doctor Strange all have one thing in common: New York City. It’s their home, their headquarters, and the place they do much of their super hero-ing. 

As comic book characters have risen from varying degrees of nerdy obscurity to take over Hollywood—the idea that the likes of Loki and Ant-Man would be household names was once laughable—their film and TV projects have taken over the city too. The new Super Powers Scavenger Hunt tours filming locations in Midtown, including the spot of the Avengers’ epic battle outside Grand Central Station. Here are a few more places throughout the city where your favorite heroes have done their good work.

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Time’s Running Out: Your Summer Bucket List in 8 Paintings

Watson Adventures Summer Bucket List Paintings

As August winds down and September looms larger, the summer FOMO heebie-jeebies are hitting hard. Have you gotten to every fun thing you wanted to this summer?

Chances are, you haven’t. We know we haven’t. Three months is never enough time to have all the fun there is to have. These eight paintings pretty much sum up our summer bucket list. Well, sort of.

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Worth a Thousand Words: The Best Team Photos of 2017, So Far

Watson Adventures Best Team Photos 2017With eight and a half months of scavenger hunts in the rear-view mirror, 2017 is racing by. But boy, has it been a fun ride already!

Not that you need proof, but here’s some anyway: an album of our favorite photo challenges from teams all around the country. Whether on corporate team building scavenger hunts or public scavenger hunts at the museum or in your favorite neighborhood, you’re often tasked with completing fun photo challenges. You might have to take a team photo jumping in the air, or acting scared of a live animal. As you’ll see, there’s no limit to the fun—and creativity—that comes with rising to the challenge.

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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Statue of Liberty

Watson Adventures 7 Things You Didn't Know About the Statue of LibertyWhen someone mentions notable works of art, the mind often turns to famous paintings and sculptures in a museum. Van Goghs and Rodins. It’s less common to leap to thoughts of 150-feet women.

But that’s just what the Statue of Liberty is: one of the most famous, most fantastic works of art in the modern world. Everyone knows she’s a beacon of inclusiveness and came from the French, but hers is a long and winding story. Here are seven things you probably didn’t know about the jolly green giantess.

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