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Looking for a new way to bring a group together and share an adventure? Watson Adventures scavenger hunts take you on a whirlwind tour of your favorite locations. You won’t be collecting objects (drop that pigeon!), you’ll be collecting answers to tricky and humorous questions about the amazing places and unusual objects you discover. A hunt is like a walking tour spiked with caffeine! No previous knowledge is required-you just need a sharp mind and comfy shoes.

Who goes on the hunts? Who doesn’t! We’ve staged hunts for people ages 7 to 70, for all sorts of occasions—social group outings, birthday parties, family reunions, bachelorette parties, charity fundraisers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, summer camp outings, sweet 16 parties, you name it.

Our Scavenger Hunts for Kids get kids and adults working together and having fun in surprising and delightful ways, including on school and youth group field trips and summer camp outings. Teachers and other educators in particular have raved about the benefits of taking students on our School Field Trip Scavenger Hunts.

We provide a staff to run the event, hand out and explain the materials, interact with the hunters during the game, and at the end score and announce the results. For a bit more, we can also bring digital cameras for Team Photo Challenges, and we can also customize the hunt for the occasion.

Don’t see your favorite location on our site? Check out the Grab ‘n’ Go Scavenger Hunt, which can be staged virtually anywhere!

Scavenger Hunt Location:

Boston, Mass.


Boston Is All a Game on a Scavenger Hunt!

Explore Boston—and other great locations in Massachusetts—on public scavenger hunts that reveal the best of such places as Old Boston along the Freedom Trail, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science, Back Bay, Cambridge and Harvard, Salem, Concord and, farther west, Amherst and the Springfield Museums. Special theme hunts feature gourmet food, ghost stories and haunted locations, and murder mysteries. Find out what you’ve been missing!


The Whodunnit Family Scavenger Hunt

Museum of Fine Arts

A crazed killer is on the loose!

And it’s up to you to stop him! The killer has created a scavenger hunt that, when completed, reveals his name, the weapon he used, and where he hid the body in the museum. He sent the hunt to the police and dared them to try to solve it. The police need your help. You’ll get a list of suspects, weapons, and hiding places that are all items in the museum.

By following the trail of clues and answering tricky questions, you’ll narrow the list of suspects, weapons, and places and provide the police with the evidence they need to catch and convict the killer. Can you figure out whodunnit?

No knowledge of the museum or art is necessary, but good reading skills are helpful. Contact us to learn more and find more fun!

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