Top 10 Things to Do in Chicago: Hot Dogs, Tiki Bars, Tours & More

Watson Adventures Things to Do in ChicagoIf you’re visiting Chicago and looking for the best of the best in food and fun, you’re in the right place. We make it our business to identify the most interesting and exciting nooks and crannies of cities while putting together our challenging and original scavenger hunts. And we love to share them!

Read on for 10 of the best things to do in Chicago, from historic sites to epic bites.

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Team Building Tips: Should Your Company Invest in Fun?

Watson Adventures Team Building Happiness

The happiness dividends of team building activities

Fun is transformational. We see it all the time: A corporate group shows up for a team building event and they are tired, grumpy, deflated. They grumble, “What are we doing here? I could be back at the office working.” Then a Watson Adventures host sets them up in teams for a “scavenger hunt,” during which they work together to answer tricky, humorous questions about a museum or historic place.

Two hours later they show up at the finish line looking like a bouquet of smiles—they’re excited, they’re laughing, they’re teasing each other. We see the transformational power of fun and the power of happiness. Read More

Top 10 Things to Do in Washington, D.C.: Food Lovers Edition

You might not think of Washington, D.C., as a foodie destination. We’re here to persuade you otherwise. Just ask Sharlette Williams, our D.C. Scavenger Hunt Coordinator Extraordinaire, who has a passion for discovering amazing gourmet destinations. (She’s at right, enjoying a crazy-good sweet potato cake
from Oohh’s & Aahh’s.) And as you’ll see, she knows that sometimes a great meal is just one part of a larger adventure…

1. Beacon Bar and Grill: No one does Brunch and Happy Hour like D.C., where buffets and bottomless mimosas abound. Few places in the area do those better than Beacon Bar & Grill. The brunch selection is vast, with something for everyone, whether vegetarian, vegan or meat-atarian. If you can’t get a reservation for brunch, hit the rooftop Sky Bar for Happy Hour and enjoy the view. Read More

Top 10 Things to Do in Houston: Museums, Food, Tours, Rodeo & More

Watson Adventures Things to Do in HoustonVisiting Houston and looking for places to see, things to do, and spots to eat and drink? We’ve been discovering the ins and outs of cities around the country since 1999 while creating fun, challenging scavenger hunts, and we’ve developed lists of favorite places we go to have fun. And you know what they say: Sharing is caring. Read on for 10 great things to do in Houston, from historic sites to epic bites. Read More

7 U.S. Cities Attacked by Giant Monsters, Ranked

Watson Adventures Monster MoviesWho’s a hundred feet tall and can scale tall buildings in a single film? It’s King Kong! With the Eighth Wonder of the World tearing it up in Kong: Skull Island, giant monsters are back—as if they ever left.

You’re not likely to run into Kong or Godzilla in any of the seven cities that feature Watson Adventures scavenger hunts for the public, but they’ve all had their share of run-ins larger-than-life monsters. Here’s a ranking of those seven cities, and times they were menaced by massive (and sometimes not-so-massive) movie monsters.

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Things to Do in Boston: 11 Great Places to See, Eat & Have Fun

Watson Adventures Things to Do in Boston
Visiting Boston and looking for places to see, things to do, and spots to eat and drink? Discovering the ins and outs of cities around the country to build fun, challenging scavenger hunts means we know a lot about those cities. And you know what they say: Sharing is caring.

Read on for 11 great things to do in Boston, from historic sites to epic bites.

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Mini Game: Try Out the Women of the Met Scavenger Hunt

Watson Adventures Women of the Met Museum Scavenger HuntOn our newest scavenger hunt, you’ll meet the women of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: art of women, art by women, and the stories behind them. The Women of the Met Scavenger Hunt reveals the many ways famous and formidable females have made history—and herstory. With smartphone in hand, your team will follow a trail of tricky clues and answer fun questions about intriguing paintings, sculptures, and tell-tale objects, all by, for, or featuring women. 

This hunt was originally introduced as a rare do-it-yourself hunt in celebration of Women’s History Month. That version of the hunt is no longer available, but an expanded 90-minute hunt is now available for private groups, as well as a version for kids.

Can’t make it to the Met? Or want a sneak preview? Read on to play a mini-game, with six questions from the hunt…   Read More

Holy Teamwork! 4 Ways Lego Batman Is Terrible at Team Building

Watson Adventures Lego Batman Movie Team Building“Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!” So said the hyperactive theme song to the Lego Movie, the animated hit based on little plastic bricks. In the movie, a group of Lego characters band together to save their city in some of the most literal team building you’ll ever see.

Fast forward to the Lego Batman Movie, and the hero of Gotham City really did not get the message. For all its bright colors, crazy energy, and constant jokes, the Lego Batman Movie has a lot to say about how not to treat your teammates and co-workers. 

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Finding Frederick Douglass: 7 Black History Month Stops on Scavenger Hunts

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts Black History MonthDid you know Frederick Douglass is getting recognized more and more lately?  Can’t blame the guy, he’s done an amazing job. Tremendous.

Black History Month is about celebrating the, ahem, amazing jobs of countless people, from famous statesmen to unknown artists, as well as remembering their struggles. Our scavenger hunts, both for the public and for corporate team building, touch on many such notable figures—including Mr. Douglass himself, who makes an appearance on our Secrets of Fell’s Point Scavenger Hunt in Baltimore. Here are a few more of our favorites.

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Who the Heck Is This? 7 Burning Questions About Who’s on Your Money

Watson Adventures Burning Questions About MoneyYou see their faces all the time. You manhandle them, you treat them like property, you shove them in your pants, and you only think about them when you want something.

In honor of Presidents’ Day, think about those men (yep, still almost entirely men) who live in your wallet and make the world go ’round. Who are these clowns, and what are they doing on your money? Here are the answers to seven brain-tickling questions about the faces gracing American money. 

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